Best Book Guide for Children 2013

Every year the Booktrust compile the 'Best Book Guide for Children' to help parents know which are the best books to purchase for children.  The guide is divided into four age groups and includes a brief synopsis about each book featured.  It also gives each book two appropriate ages:

Interest Age: The age at which children would be interested in listening to the content but they would probably need the story read to them because they haven't yet acquired the necessary reading skills.

Reading Age: The age at which children should be able to read the book independently although some may require some support.

Click on the image below to read the guide.



Help your Child with Reading


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Oxford Owl has been extended to provide practical advice and top tips up to age 11 to help you support your child’s reading all the way through their primary school years.  Click on the logo above to access the Oxford Owl reading website.  Oxford Owl also has a Maths site which can be access through the reading site or via Learning Links page in this section.