Year 3 

Click on the picture below to see the National Curriculum Spelling List for Years 3 and 4.  Helping your child to learn these words will really support their English development.  

Art on Our Doorstep

As part of their topic 'Art on Our Doorstep' Year 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from a local artist, Stefanie Smith.  Recognise the name......well she also happens to teach in Lime Class!  Before the visit, the pupils looked at her artwork, expressed their opinions on it and then wrote questions to ask her about being an artist.  During her 'visit' today they had the opportunity to ask her about her life and love of Art and practice their note taking skills. Stefanie was impressed with the excellent level of questioning from the children. The pupils were inspired to learn from an actual artist and have been buzzing about art all day! Her website is if you would like to have a look at her work.  The information the pupils collected today will be used next week to write information leaflets about Stefanie alongside Vincent van Gogh who lived in Isleworth during his lifetime. 

Here are some photos from her visit on 7th January 2015