Year 3 Research

As part of their English work in their Shake, Rattle and Roll Topic, Year 3 pupils had to research a 'rock' sport and present their learning in the form of a webpage.  The process included:

  • Working in groups of 3 in their classes to decide what questions to ask, find out the answers and other facts about their sport.  
  • Combine with the groups in the other Year 3 classes who have been researching the same sport to share information and design the layout of their page.  
  • Taking responsibility for typing up the content for the pages, searching for relevant pictures and saving them on the school system.
  • Designing the layout for their page  
  • Checking that their work was complete before passing it to Mrs Coady to transfer their work on the site


Click on the sports below to learn all about rock sports.  

Rock Climbing

Free Climbing


Mountain Biking





Rock Scrambling

Rock Hopping

(Please note the text is exactly as the children wrote it - no editing has taken place)  


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