Link with Cavendish Primary School - Please click here for Autumn Term Review Letter and Peer Challenge Report 

This is to confirm that our Headteacher Mr Murrell is also the Executive Headteacher of Cavendish Primary School in Chiswick.

The arrangement came into effect from Monday 3rd October 2016 and has now been extended into the current academic year.  Please be aware that this means that Mr Murrell will be spending approximately two days a week at Cavendish Primary School and three days each week at Marlborough Primary School.  Mrs Gill will act as Head of School and Mrs McKeever as our Deputy Headteacher during the times of Mr Murrell’s absence.   

The decision to release our Headteacher to support another local school was only taken after very rigorous and lengthy negotiations between our Board of Governors, the Governors at Cavendish Primary School and the Local Authority.  Please be assured that this important decision was taken in strict regard to the interests of the children at Marlborough Primary School.  

Having weighed up the advantages and potential disadvantages of our link to Cavendish Primary School, our Board of Governors came to the conclusion that this arrangement presents significant benefits to our school.

The benefits of our link with Cavendish Primary School include:

Helping us to prepare for the future  - The decision enables us to respond positively to current government policy which strongly encourages schools to work closely together with a view of forming 'Multi-Academy Trusts’.  The arrangement will empower our school’s leadership, including governors, to take control of this agenda and minimises the risk of us being forced into joining an existing ‘Multi-Academy Trust’ which may not share our values, vision or ethos.

Sharing expertise in teaching - Teachers with particular skills in specific subject areas will be able to support colleagues across the two schools in order to improve the quality of teaching and outcomes for pupils.

Making a positive contribution towards our journey to become ‘outstanding’ - Our link with Cavendish Primary School will provide the evidence to show that we are receiving support from and contributing towards the improvement of another school. This is a key feature of an ‘outstanding’ school according to Ofsted.

Supporting the further development of strong leadership - Giving staff at all levels opportunities to take on more responsibility will help us to strengthen our leadership capacity.  This is another key feature of an ‘outstanding’ school and is likely to help us to retain key members of staff and offset some of the difficulties arising from the current teacher recruitment crisis.

Providing opportunities for children to learn from each other - The development of positive relationships with children beyond our immediate locality will help our pupils develop a deeper sense of community.      

Delivering economies of scale - We can reduce the negative impact of cuts to school budgets through initiatives such as the bulk purchase of the materials and resources needed in both schools. Savings can also be made by sharing administrative and operational personnel such as a those involved in business management or the co-ordination of extended school activities e.g. aftercare provision for working parents/carers, extra-curricular clubs and services for pre-school children and their families. 

Strengthening Governance  - We will be able to draw on the experience and expertise of governors from both schools to improve knowledge and understanding of Finance, Human Resources, Premises Management, Law and Teaching and Learning. This will also reduce our reliance on services and advice provided by the Local Authority.  This is especially important given the fact that Government Policy which involves significantly reducing the funding and influence of the Local Authority has already had an impact on the availability and quality of their services to schools.


Although we have every confidence that our Deputy Headteacher Mrs Gill and our current Leadership Team have the necessary skills, experience and capacity to continue to function very effectively in Mr Murrell’s absence, we also recognise our duty to ensure that we safeguard the interests of our children in the very unlikely event that the arrangement has a negative effect on standards at Marlborough.

The safeguards, which have been agreed with the Local Authority, include the following:

The implementation of a termly and rigorous review of standards at Marlborough - This process will involve observations of lessons throughout the school, scrutiny of children’s books, analysis of performance data and discussions with pupils, parents, staff and governors.  The review will be led by advisers who are independent from our school or the Local Authority and will involve the participation of Headteachers from two other Hounslow Schools.  The process will also be quality assured by trained Ofsted Inspectors. A summary of outcomes will be published on our website and this will be followed up by a meeting to give our parents/carers an opportunity to hear more details and raise questions.

The right to recall our Headteacher at short notice - In the event that our Board of Governors decide that standards at Marlborough Primary School are declining as a direct result of the Executive Headteacher arrangement, we can terminate the arrangement with Cavendish Primary School with a notice period of six weeks i.e. half a term.  We also reserve the right to recall our Headteacher immediately if our school experiences an emergency/critical incident which requires his support.

Increasing our leadership capacity - We have revised the roles and responsibilities of our Leadership Team to ensure that we are able to function effectively in the absences of our Headteacher. We will also use the savings from our Headteacher’s salary to fund additional support throughout the school.

Monitoring the proportion of time the Headteacher spends at each school - The proportion of time our Headteacher spends at each school will be reviewed in the Spring Term and on a termly basis thereafter.  If the independent review of Cavendish Primary School finds it to be a ‘good’ school with no significant vulnerabilities or Cavendish Primary School receives a positive Ofsted Inspection which judges the school as ‘good’ with strong leadership, then the proportion of time the Executive Headteacher spends at each school will be re-adjusted in favour of Marlborough Primary.       

The option to make the arrangement permanent - If at the end of the academic year, the Board of Governors at both school agree that the arrangement has worked successfully for both schools, we will begin negotiations with a view to making the role of the Executive Headteacher permanent.      

Further Information 

If you are interested in finding out more about the role of an ‘Executive Headteacher,' the development of 'Academies’ and/or 'Multi-Academy Trusts,’ please click on the links below.

Thank you for your interest and ongoing support.