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Marlborough Primary School

Home School Agreement

At Marlborough, we aim to work with everyone to ensure the best outcomes for all of our pupils.

We hold a shared consensus with pupils and all families to ensure we maintain high standards in education. We work hard to prioritise high-quality teaching and learning to ensure our children are successful life- long learners.

Our parents work in partnership with the school. We ask all parents and carers to ensure they support the home and school agreement.

  • Nurture positive working relationships based on mutual respect and care
  • Excellent school attendance and punctuality
  • Prioritise pupil safety and well-being, regulating and monitoring age restricted online content
  • Share information to deal with concerns together to maintain a happy and positive school ethos
  • Engage in a range of opportunities to enhance the children’s progress and development to enable pupils to achieve their full potential
  • Meet to review information about progress and performance and share school reports
  • Encourage our children to take responsibility for their actions, personal belongings and follow rules and expectations
  • Work together to maintain and uphold the school reputation and take pride in belonging to Marlborough
  • Support our children and feedback on positive behaviour choices to build on pupil well- being
  • Take pride in our school in all aspects to improve on the school facilities and environment