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Marlborough Primary School

Our Curriculum

At Marlborough, it is important to us that our children enjoy school and develop positive attitudes towards learning.

We aim to develop effective characteristics for learning through exciting learning experiences. We prepare our learning environments with rich vocabulary, visuals and manipulatives to aid sequenced learning. Our staff hold high expectations of all children and enable them to make choices about their learning.   

We strive to be consistently inclusive focusing on the following:

Engage - Seeking to stimulate interest, capture attention and encourage the participation of our learners. 

Motivate - We help our pupils respond positively to learning experiences.  This is reflected in their enthusiasm, capacity for sustaining concentration and determination in completing tasks.

Support - We ensure that all our learners feel included and are able to succeed. This may include the use of targeted activities and questions, additional resources and/or specific learning interventions. 

Challenge – We ensure that all pupils are encouraged to understand that learning requires effort and perseverance.  This may involve applying their knowledge and understanding to new or unfamiliar situations.

The learning opportunities offered at Marlborough are further enhanced by specialist teaching for PE, Music and Religious Education and a wide range of additional and extra-curricular activities such as trips and visits to places of interests, residential school journeys, after school and lunchtime clubs and strong links with the community and local schools.