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Marlborough Primary School

Transition into Reception

Each year we look forward to welcoming new children to Marlborough.

Our Early Years Team work in partnership with local preschools and Nursery settings. We learn a great deal meeting practitioners who know the children very well from their early childhood experiences.

We also gather key information from families before the children arrive at Marlborough to enable our staff to receive and prepare for each new intake.

Prior to starting, every pupil has an induction period where they get to know and build relationships with the Early Years Team and also make friends with others who join the school. We prioritise settling in all children as small groups and consider ways to adapt school operations at the start of term.

At Marlborough, we are proud how the children settle into school seamlessly and enjoy coming to school. They develop confidence, build their self-esteem and language skills within the Early Years environment. They learn and play together making use of the indoor and outdoor learning environments. We aspire to be the first choice for local families seeking education for Nursery and Primary school places.