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Marlborough Primary School

Why join Marlborough?

We focus on school improvement to drive high standards in education.

Here are some reasons why Marlborough is a special place for many children: 


  • We take great pride in all that we do to encourage every child to be their personal best.
  • We work hard to retain our highly effective practitioners. Our committed staff have worked at the school for many years and now hold senior positions.
  • We maintain a reputation for highly inclusive practice with specialist staff to support learning in collaboration and our inclusive ethos promotes greater understanding and empathy for others.
  • Our children grow positive attitudes to learning and are reflective, self-regulated and confident.
  • We foster positive relationships promoting mutual respect and core values of kindness, resilience, integrity and curiosity.


  • We maintain a reputation for academic excellence with results exceeding national standards.
  • Our clearly sequenced curriculum and inclusive practice enables all children to flourish.
  • We have a team of highly experienced leaders and skilled teaching staff.
  • Our children know making mistakes is integral to learning and improving.
  • We are passionate about providing a range of learning experiences, our curriculum is broad and balanced.
  • We work in partnership with families and wider professionals to ensure the best provision for all learners regardless of their starting point.


  • Our school has extensive grounds and resources, we have an excellent environment for learning indoors and outdoors.
  • We have many resources in the Early Years to enable our children to explore and develop their curiosity.
  • Our school community is supportive of our work, we work with our parents and children to create a positive climate to enable everybody to leave the school with many happy memories.