Shared MISSION, Vision, Values & RATIONALe

ENGage, Motivate, Support and Challenge

Our Mission 

Engage, Motivate, Support and Challenge

We are proud to be an inclusive school where we work together to engage, motivate, support and challenge all of our pupils to become confident, successful and life-long learners.

Mission Statement

At Marlborough, our mission is to provide our learners with the opportunities and guidance they need to thrive, succeed, reach their potential and make a positive contribution as citizens in modern multi-cultural Britain.

We believe this can be achieved through the delivery of consistently inclusive, engaging, motivating, supportive and challenging learning experiences which promote the core values of kindness, integrity resilience and curiosity.


Engage - This describes the ways in which we seek to stimulate interest, capture attention and encourage the participation of our learners.  This is reflected in their commitment and support for the school’s mission and values.

Motivate - This describes the ways in which we help the pupils respond positively to learning experiences.  This is reflected in their enthusiasm, capacity for sustaining concentration and completing tasks.

Support - This describes the ways in which we ensure that all our learners feel included and are able to succeed. This may include the use of targeted activities and questions, additional resources and/or specific learning interventions. 

Challenge - This describes the ways in which we help to ensure that all pupils are encouraged to understand that learning requires effort and perseverance.  This may involve applying their knowledge and understanding to new or unfamiliar situations.

Three Year Vision for Marlborough and Cavendish 

Our vision is to realise our collective aspirations for both schools to become:

  • Providers of outstanding, inclusive and values based education
  • Schools of choice for parents/carers in the local community
  • Leaders for the development of positive learning characteristics
  • Exemplars for the professional development of teachers and school leaders
  • Recruiters and retainers of highly skilled teachers
  • Centres of excellence for supporting children with SEND
  • Deliverers of high quality early years childcare and extended school provision
  • Generators of significant amounts additional income
  • Promoters of high levels of parental and community engagement
  • Effective users of new technologies
  • Hosts to exemplary learning environments and associated resources
  • Developers of efficient and flexible staffing structures
  • Champions for continual improvement


Kindness - A kind person is someone who is polite, thoughtful and considerate. They show compassion and understanding.  They are also active listeners and avoid being judgemental.

These characteristics play a crucial role in helping to us to form and sustain positive, respectful and lasting relationships.

Resilience - A resilient person is someone who is able to persevere and stay committed when faced with challenges. They have a ‘growth’ rather than a ‘fixed’ mind-set and know that success comes about through effort and the determination to practise. They also understand the importance of learning from mistakes and are able to cope with disappointment.

These characteristics play a crucial role is helping us to fulfil our learning potential, avoid the temptation of giving up and to regulate our emotions when things do not go our way.

Integrity - A person with integrity is someone who is responsible, honest and brave. They understand the importance of making positive choices and have a strong sense of right and wrong.  They are also reflective and are willing to offer, receive and respond to advice and feedback.

These characteristics play a crucial role in helping us to gain the respect and trust of others and protect us from negative influences. They also underpin high expectations of ourselves and others self and foster pride in our school.

Curiosity - A person with curiosity is someone who takes a keen interest in learning. They are enthusiastic, inquisitive and imaginative and use reason and evidence to help shape their ideas and opinions. They show a willingness to learn both cooperatively and independently.

These characteristics play a crucial role in helping us to enjoy our learning and deepen our knowledge and understanding.

Our rationale  

We understand the importance of helping our learners prepare to make a positive contribution as citizens in multi-cultural modern Britain. In addition to the core British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance, we believe in the importance of kindness, resilience, integrity and curiosity.  By embedding these characteristics in our pupils, we will significantly increase their capacity to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

We strive to maintain high expectations of all pupils and are committed to the consistent delivery of inclusive and appropriately challenging learning experiences.  Our curriculum is designed to foster interest and enjoyment, promote excellence and address the emotional, academic, aesthetic and physical needs of our diverse community.

Our teaching staff are our most valuable resource and it is therefore vital that we prioritise investment in their continuing professional development. This will also involve forming and sustaining networks and partnerships with other educational settings and beyond.  

Our aspirations are always focused on securing rapid progress and high levels of achievement for our pupils.  Our approach to teaching and learning seeks to help pupils to know and remember, understand and apply their learning and deepen their understanding of the subjects taught.   

We promote the importance of positive learning characteristics and an understanding that we learn best when we are faced with challenges that can be met by learning from mistakes and maintaining a determination to practice.

Our inclusive practice ensures the needs of our most vulnerable pupils receive high priority and forms the basis of effective teaching for all.