Marlborough Governors

The School's Board of Governors have three main responsibilities:

  • STRATEGIC  - Setting the strategic direction and ethos of the school by putting in place plans, policies and targets   


  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Monitoring the education performance of the pupils and the use of the school's finances and accepting legal responsibilities such as key areas of the school such as attendance and health and safety                               


  • CRITICAL FRIEND - Asking challenging questions and holding school leaders to account 


 Governing Board is comprised of Co-opted, Local Authortiy, Parent and Staff Governors. 

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Nicole Lewis

Co-opted Governor

Chair of Governors 


Jo Heal

Parent Governor

Vice-Chair of Governors 


 Tina Estrada

Parent Governor

Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee

Jerry Folkson

Co-opted Governor


Andrew Lister

Co-opted Governor

 Chair of Finance and Premises Committee  


Kate Turner 

Co-opted Governor 


Nick Drew

Co-opted Governor



Kam Gill

Head of School



Jack Butcher

Parent Governor 

Keith Pritchard

Parent Governor 


Helen Green

Parent Governor 


Rachel Watts

Parent Governor 


Sahar Wahedi

Staff Governor 




Please click here for additional Governor information including attendance records for 2018-19