Training Opportunities


At Marlborough, we pride ourselves in offering training experiences to many students from those completing Work Experience to those completing their doctorates!   Last year we had approximately 43 training students pass through our doors.  Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of places available, and we are inundated with requests, and so our spaces get filled up very quickly. 


Type of Student Expectations and Role within School
Work Experience As part of their learning at secondary school, pupils are required to complete some work experience to learn about the world of work and develop key skills such as: independence, responsibility, time keeping, team work etc.  It is crucial for the student themselves to make contact via a letter or e-mail requesting permission to complete their work experience so that we can check if spaces are available. 
Class Room Assistant Students on a Classroom Assistant training programme are required to spend time volunteering in a school setting.  The time per week and length of placement varies from course to course.  As part of the assessment process they have observations from a tutor from their college.
Pre-University Teaching Experience There is a requirement for students wanting to train to be a teacher to have gained some experience in schools before they apply to university.  They are usually required to spend 10 days in a primary setting so they can gain a better understanding about how schools operate and observe experienced teachers. 
Teaching Practice Student teachers will gradually increase the proportion of time spent teaching the class that they are working with and may, on occasion, collect and dismiss them.  During this period, please do not hesitate to discuss any issue with the class teacher or student teacher as communicating effectively with parents is an important role of any teaching practice.
Post Degree Training We are approached from time to time from students completing Masters and Doctorates to support them with their studies.  This may involve researching approaches to teaching and learning and the impact on progress.   

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