Parent/Carer Reps

As you may be aware, each year group has parents/carers who act as representatives by attending meetings with a Senior Leader each half term in order to discuss general issues, make suggestions, raise concerns and/or share ideas.

These meetings usually take place on a Wednesday afternoon in school from 2.00pm to 3.30pm. The year reps are also encouraged to keep other parents/carers in their year group informed and to help support our Parent Teacher Association (PTA). 

Look on the calendar on our website to see the date of the next meeting.   If you have any general agenda items that you would like raised please contact your Year Group Reps (list below) or alternatively you can send them an email via and we will ensure this it is forwarded accordingly. 

Please be aware that specific issues which relate to an individual child cannot be discussed at these meetings and should be addressed directly with you child's class teacher

We would also be very keen to hear from any parent or carer who may be interested in filling any of the vacant positions.

Thank you


Term Minutes




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Please click here for details about our Parent/Carer Reps 2018-19 including vacancies