Early Bird Award


School starts at 8.55am and every pupil is expected to be at school before this time.  Lateness is very disruptive to the whole class and makes pupils start the day feeling unsettled as they have missed the start of the day.  If your child is just 5 minutes late every day this equates to approximately 2 hours every month!  Children arriving after the registers close (at 9.00am) will receive 'late after registration has closed' mark in the register which is classed as an unauthorised absence for that session. 

This is a new incentive to encourage children to arrive at school on time. We will be awarding the class with the least number of late marks with this award on a half termly basis. There will be three awards handed out, upper KS2 (yrs 5 & 6), lower KS2 (yrs 3 & 4) and one for KS1 (yrs 1 & 2).  The winning classes will be allowed to wear their own clothes for a day as a reward for arriving promptly.