We have many queries on how long children should be off school after an illness. Below are guidelines we are required to follow on some of the common illnesses.  




Sickness & Diarrhoea   Child should be kept off school for 48 hours from the last occurrence of sickness or diarrhoea.
Conjunctivitis Child can return to school once treatment has started and there is no stickiness on the eyes.
Chickenpox Child can return when the last spot has dried up
High Temperature Do not send your child in with a high fever even after administering medication.
Headlice Please ensure your child has been treated and has no live lice.
Impetigo Child can return to school 48 hours after treatment and when there is no weeping.

Medical Appointments

To prevent any interruption to your child's education it is better to make medical/dentist appointments for after school or during the holidays but we fully understand that there are times when this is not always a possibility. 

If you need to collect your child early from school for any medical appointments, please provide proof of their appointment (appointment card or letter) to enable us to authorise this correctly on your child’s attendance records.  However it is important that, where possible, your child attends school before and after their appointment.

Please note that unless you have exceptional circumstances, and we have a copy of your child’s appointment, we are unable to authorise a whole day for medical appointments. 


Click on the image below for the NHS Childhood Illness webpage which includes a gallery of images of common childhood illnesses.