Term Time Leave


Term time leave means your child is missing out on parts of their education that probably will not be repeated.  When booking a holiday, please try to book during the school holidays and remember children are only in school for 190 days which is just 52% of an academic year (giving you 175 days to book your holidays in).  

To apply for leave during term time for any reason other than illness and/or medical appointments please complete a Leave of Absence Form which you can get from the school office.  You must complete all sections of the form, including the reason why your child needs to be taken out of school during term time. Please note that leave is only authorised in exceptional circumstances and incomplete forms cannot be accepted. 

Once your form has been returned to the school office and will be passed to Mr Murrell who goes through all applications on an individual basis.  You will be notified as soon as possible about the outcome of your application.